rymdkapsel Is the Most Minimalistic RTS You'll Ever Play

rymdkapsel benefits from a 10% discount that will end on February 6

rymdkapsel, a title developed and published by grapefrukt games, is now available on Steam for Linux.

The premise is very simple and the official synopsis of the game couldn't have made it much clearer. “rymdkapsel is a game where you take command of a space station and its minions. You will have to plan your expansion and manage your resources to explore the galaxy.”

rymdkapsel was initially released for Android and Apple devices, but the developers thought that the PCs might not be such a bad deal after all.

In case you were wondering, the name of the game is actually Swedish for space capsule. The game is actually a real time strategy, but it has to be the most minimalistic game of this type I've ever seen.

rymdkapsel now has a 10% discount, which lasts until February 6. More details about the game can be found on the Steam website.

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