openmamba Has Linux Kernel 3.2.21

It also features KDE, LibreOffice, Chromium, and other important applications

openmamba, a live release of an operating system distributed in ISO format suited for notebooks, desktop and servers, is now at version

The distribution, openmamba comes with Linux kernel 3.2.21, grub 1.99, and some of the latest video card drivers, including the ones for Nvidia and AMD/ATI.

Highlights of openmamba

• The distribution features KDE based live desktop system for standard Personal Computers;

• Features applications such as LibreOffice, Chromium, Amarok, Kaffeine, Wine, GIMP, Kopete, Audacity, and K3b;

• 3D graphical desktop support with open and proprietary drivers has been added;

• NTFS read and write support using ntfs-3g has been added;

• Disk installation interface has been fixed.

More details about the distribution can be found in the official announcement.

Download openmamba right now from Softpedia.

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