openSUSE’s Open Build Service 2.4 Supports UEFI Secure Boot

This release also supports Arch Linux and AppStream metadata

The openSUSE developers, through Henne Vogelsang, happily announced last week the immediate availability of Open Build Service 2.4, which is used to build their GNU/Linux distribution.

Being a lot snappier than previous releases, Open Build Service (OBS) 2.4 brings support for a new package format (Arch’s PKGBUILD), Secure Boot signing, AppStream metadata, and introducing a new constraint system.

“Another popular demand for build servers these days is the support for signing individual files (bootloader, driver etc.) inside packages with a cryptographic key to support standards like UEFI secure boot,” was stated in the official release announcement.

Open Build Service 2.4 is available for any open source developers who want to build packages for their Linux distributions, including openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Fedora. You can access it from the reference server

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