openSUSE Is Now Available for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi images of openSUSE Linux are now available for download

On September 9, Jos Poortvliet has announced that the ARM edition of the openSUSE Linux operating system received new ARMv6-based images for the Raspberry Pi platform, thanks to Bernhard Wiedemann.

The new Raspberry Pi images were built using a set of alternative build scripts, in order to make the building of the image easier, which are available for download from here.

"The exciting new thing is that this was created using an alternative image building automatism which I wrote from scratch in three hours this morning."

"This means that everyone can now easily build his own images the way he likes and even branch and do submit requests for changes that are useful for others," said Bernhard Wiedemann on the blog post.

Download openSUSE ARM for Raspberry Pi right now from Softpedia.

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