openSUSE 13.2 Delayed Until November, Development Switches to 12 Month Cycle

The openSUSE will have more time between major releases

openSUSE 13.1 has been released for a couple of months now, but its developers need to push back the launch of the next version until November, 2014.

It's getting difficult to release new openSUSE versions every eight month with a team of developers who are doing it for free. This means that the development cycle of openSUSE has been changed from 8 months to 12 months.

“To avoid any further uncertainties let's put this whole discussion to rest and name the beast: 13.2 will be released in November 2014.”

“As 12.2 has shown, summer releases are *bad* - especially with conferences in spring, so I just don't want to go there and avoid the July release. This means: I will take the 13.1 release schedule and adapt it and start releasing milestones soon enough,” said Stephan Kulow, a member of the openSUSE release team.

A full year of development should give the developers more than enough time to make the next version of openSUSE a much better one.

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