m0n0wall 1.34 Released, a True FreeBSD-Based Firewall

Brings various features ported from the Beta branch

On November 12, Manuel Kasper has announced the immediate availability for download of the m0n0wall 1.34 BSD firewall operating system.

The m0n0wall 1.34 release incorporates a few new changes, such as an updated webGUI certificate/key, virtualHW 7 for VMWare image (to avoid ESX 4 issues), and an increase to 2048 bits for the key size of auto-generated webGUI certificates.

Moreover, the following features were backported from the Beta branch of m0n0wall: GETs can no longer be modified from webGUI pages, fixed a potential XSS in diag_traceroute.php and diag_ping.php, added csrf-magic for webGUI's CSRF protection, added rule deletion and moving functionality on the shaper rules page.

m0n0wall 1.34 is distributed as IMG images for Soekris and PC Engines boards, generic PCs, generic PCs with serial console, as well as a normal ISO image and a VM image.

Download m0n0wall 1.34 right now from Softpedia.

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