jAlbum 11.4 Photo Editing Suite Loads 10x Times Faster

The latest version of jAlbum can be downloaded from Softpedia

jAlbum, a tool that can be used to create online photo albums and which has built-in support for organizing and editing images, is now at version 11.4.

jAlbum is a software that can be used by photographers, various organizations, or just casual users.

Highlights of jAlbum 11.4:

• Large album projects and subfolders are now loading 10 times faster;

• The user interface images and folders are now always in sync with the backing file system;

• Custom template pages are now guaranteed to have all variables present in the script processing;

• The Turtle skin 4.3.3 has been integrated in the software;

• The Red eye reduction tool has been fixed;

• Several minor code fixes have been implemented.

A complete backlog of changes and new features can be found in the official announcement.

Download jAlbum 11.4 right now from Softpedia.

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