gscan2pdf 1.1.2 Brings Various Improvements

It fixes a few annoying issues and repairs some problems with tesseract

Jeffrey Ratcliffe had the pleasure of announcing a couple of days ago a new release of his gscan2pdf open source software, which helps users produce a multipage DjVu or PDF file from a scan.

gscan2pdf 1.1.2 added a scrollbar to the save dialog, removed the necessity to convert an image to .tiff format for tesseract version 3, fixed parsing of hocr output from tesseract version 3.02.01, and corrected tests for presence of tesseract and cuneiform installations.

More details about this release of the gscan2pdf software can be found in the official release announcement posted on the GNOME mailing list.

gscan2pdf is a one-stop GUI (Graphical User Interface) to produce high-quality PDF files from scanned images. It’s also a frontend for command-line tools like scanimage, gocr, unpaper or tesseract.

Download gscan2pdf 1.1.2 right now from Softpedia.

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