aTunes Music Player and Manager Reaches Version 3.1.0

Download aTunes 3.1.0 for Linux, Mac OS X or Windows platforms

The aTunes Team was proud to announce a few days ago the immediate availability for download of the stable aTunes 3.1.0 release of the popular music player and manager application for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

aTunes 3.1.0 is now able to store metadata for all kind of files, even unsupported ones, it's able to store ratings both in an external database and in local files, and it is able to download podcasts faster.

Moreover, a new option to display a navigation table filter has been added in aTunes 3.1.0, as well as an option to hide the navigation tree and use only the navigation table to select elements.

A new playlist option is also available, allowing users to stop playback after the current track, and another new option will allow users to save or load playlists, replacing existing ones or creating new ones.

The developers recommend you to save your playlists before upgrading to this new version. More details can be found in the official release announcement.

Download aTunes 3.1.0 for Linux right now from Softpedia.

Download aTunes 3.1.0 for Mac right now from Softpedia.

Download aTunes 3.1.0 for Windows right now from Softpedia.

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