Zorin OS Gaming 6 Features over 40 Games

Zorin Look Changer can emulate other desktops such as Windows 7 and Mac OS X

Zorin OS Gaming edition, a distribution that comes loaded with a lot of great Linux games and a few emulators, is now at version 6.

Just like all the other operating systems developed by the Zorin Group, at the core of the distribution there’s a new desktop environment called Zorin Look Changer, which is able to emulate some of the other desktops found in proprietary operating systems, such as Windows 7, XP, GNOME 2, Mac OS X, Unity, and Windows 2000.

Zorin OS Gaming 6 features over 40 games including Nexuiz (the free version), Trugger Rally, the Super Tux Kart racing games, Frets on Fire (Guitar Hero type game), Neverputt mini golf game, Neverball, 3D chess, Warmux, and many others.

Unlike Zorin OS Core and Zorin OS Educational, this distribution is not free. Users can get a physical disc for the measly sum of €13 ($16) or the digital copy for the sum of €7 ($8.61).

Download Zorin OS Gaming 6 right now from Softpedia.

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