Yahoo Malware Shows Why Linux Systems Are a Lot Safer than Any Windows OS

A lot of Windows users have been affected by a Yahoo distributed malware

Microsoft Windows users might have heard that Linux systems are safer, but it's hard to demonstrate this fact, unless you happened to get some malware from Yahoo.

According to a report, users from several parts of Europe, including the UK and France, have been infected with malware through one of the ads. Yahoo removed the problem, but a lot of people were affected.

When we say a lot of people, we're talking about Windows users. This is one of those times when the fabled Linux security shows why it's so much better. It's virtually impossible to infect a Linux operating system through Java scripts in the way the Yahoo malware was designed to work.

Besides the fact that most Linux distributions are not even using the official Java version, but an open source version, hitting a Linux-based OS is very hard to do, no matter the method.

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