Xen Cloud Platform 1.6 Is Now Available for Download

Users are now able to relocate the Virtual Disk Image without having to shut down

The Xen Cloud Platform, a turnkey open source virtualization solution that provides out-of-the box virtualization and cloud computing, is now at version 1.6.

Xen Cloud Platform 1.6 also features the Xen Hypervisor, an API toolstack for cloud, storage and networking solutions.

Highlights of Xen Cloud Platform 1.6:

• XCP now has Storage XenMotion technology which allows users to freely move running virtual machines, without the need for shared storage;

• User can now relocate a VM's Virtual Disk Image (VDI) without shutting down the VM;

• Support for Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) has been added;

• VLAN Scalability improvements have been implemented;

• Support for Emergency Network Reset and IPv6 Guest function has been added.

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of changes.

Download Xen Cloud Platform 1.6 right now from Softpedia.

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