World War I Dogfighting Simulator "Red Baron" to Arrive on SteamOS and Linux

The game is being developed by the same guy who made the original 20 years ago

Red Baron, a remake of the old-school classic World War I flight simulator from 1990, is now on Kickstarter and the developers have promised to release it on the Linux platform.

The new Red Baron game is developed by Damon Slye (Mad Otter Games), the same man who made the original all those years back.

Players will be able to fly aircraft like the Sopwith Camel and Fokker Triplane, and they will get a huge single-player campaign which consists of more than 30 missions, a persistent multiplayer game world, and a lot more.

“We are officially adding support for Linux and SteamOS! Thanks for weighing in and letting us know how much you want it. We are big fans of SteamOS. We think it will be a great platform for games!,” reads the announcement from Mad Otter Games.

The game is expected to arrive a year from now, in November 2014. This means that SteamOS will be out for quite a while and the developers will have plenty of time to make it work on Linux.

If you want to support the game you should check the Kickstarter website.

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