Windows XP Is Going Away, Keep Calm and Switch to Linux

A new message inviting Windows users to adopt Linux is making the rounds online

There are a lot of malicious Linux messages on the Internet against Microsoft, Apple, and others, but some of them are actually very well done, friendly, and could be easily adopted as a motto.

These types of messages are bound to increase in frequency as we approach the end of life for Windows XP, on April 8. Even if the message is not specifically targeted at Windows, everyone seems to assume that this is the case.

The Linux community is expecting that a number of Windows users will choose to stop using Windows products and switch to a Linux distribution. That is very unlikely, but it hasn't stopped people from constantly inviting users to try Linux and from modifying well-known memes in order to get the message across.

If you have seen any more interesting and funny Linux messages, don't be shy and leave a comment in the section below.

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