Windows 9 Desktop Concept Looks Suspiciously Like a Linux One

A designer tried to present a concept for Windows 9, but it's too similar to Linux

A concept of the upcoming Windows 9 that has been getting a lot of attention, but is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way, is looking suspiciously like a Linux desktop.

The designer says that he “added an appbar, detailled the window sidebar of the folder, added the app utilisation, virtual desktops and a little music play in the taskbar.” All this work, which I have to say looks very good, has been done in Photoshop.

The problem with the concept is that it looks like a current Linux desktop, with a few small differences. The launcher looks like the one found in Unity or GNOME, and the bar on the top could easily be confused with the GNOME panel.

The designer needed Photoshop, but a Linux user with some spare time could replicate this layout in a couple of days and make it usable.

On the other hand, we can only hope that the Windows 9 desktop will look this good when it launches next year.

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