Windows 9 Design Concept Looks Awesome, Has Unity and GNOME Elements – Video

This fan-made design looks very good, but it has some Linux influence

A lot of Windows 8 and 9 concepts have been popping out all over the Internet and some of them are really good, like the one we’re about to show you, but most of them have something in common. They share some similarities with a number of already established Linux elements.

It’s very clear that the guy who made this Microsoft Windows 9 Design Concept has put a lot of effort into it and it looks a lot better than anything that could be made even by the Redmond company. Even if it feels original and the majority of its features actually are quite unique, a Linux user might spot some elements that can be found already in Linux designs that are even two or three years old.

The element that looks eerily similar is the launcher. It’s rather similar with the Unity or the GNOME launcher, and it’s called a modern launcher by its maker. Also, the swipe gesture used to illustrate the option of the launcher looks a lot like something used in Ubuntu Touch.

We’re not saying that he took inspiration from Unity, although it’s ok to use something that has been proven reliable and functional, even if it comes from Linux. The problem is that the current design paradigm has hit a wall and it’s hard to innovate without reinventing something that has already been done.

Even so, the Microsoft Windows 9 Design Concept looks great, but it’s unlikely that it will ever come to fruition.

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