Windows 7 & 8 Complete Transformation Pack Out for Ubuntu, Debian 8, and Arch Linux

This is probably the best transformation pack available for Linux users

A new version of Windows 7/8 Transformation Pack for LXDE has been made available by its developer, bringing the much needed Arch Linux support.

Like it or not, there are a lot of people out there that really want to change their operating system so that it looks like Windows 7 or Windows 8. A developer made a transformation pack that aims to satisfy these users and to provide an experience as close as possible to the actual Windows OS.

The Windows 7/8 Transformation Pack for LXDE has been out for some time, but it only got some major traction in the past few months. It's also true that it's not exactly the easiest package to install, especially because it comes with a number of very specific dependencies: LXPanel, LXSession (at least version 0.4.9 for icons, gtk theme and cursor), PCManFM, Compton, Openbox, SliM, gtk2-engines-murrine, and gtk2-engines-pixbuf.

So far, the transformation pack works on Debian (Jessie) and Ubuntu. You won't be able to just install it in Ubuntu and you will have to get the LXDE package from the official repositories. Strangely enough, Lubuntu is not supported by this pack.

More information about the Windows 7/8 Transformation Pack can be found on the official website and you can download it from Softpedia.

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