Window Maker Live CD 2012-03-18 Available for Download

Now includes Audacity, Handbrake, Mirage and ROX filer

Paul Seelig announced a few minutes ago, March 19th, that the Window Maker Live CD 2012-03-18 Linux operating system is now available for download.

Window Maker Live CD 2012-03-18 adds support for German, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages, gnome-terminal and xfce4-terminal were replaced by the roxterm-gtk2 terminal emulator app, Thunar was replaced by ROX filer as the default file manager.

The preferences backup facility were reorganized, the current default configuration is now backed up at the first login.

The following applications were added in Window Maker Live CD 2012-03-18: Audacity audio editor, Handbrake video encoder, pyhoca-gui x2go client packages, and the Mirage image viewer, replacing Ristretto.

Among other changes we can mention some enhancements to the installer were applied, the x2go and repositories were added, wmlaptop2 is now properly packaged, revamped apt-pinning configuration.

Download Window Maker Live CD 2012-03-18 right now from Softpedia.

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