Windows 8 and Mac OS X Make Way, Steam for Linux Is Coming Through

The adoption rate of Steam for Linux is impressive

Launching Steam for Linux has been great move for Valve and it seems that the adoption rate for the new platform is amazing.

The digital distribution platform has been launched four months ago, in a limited fashion at first. After exiting the closed beta, the number of users that powered up Steam using a Linux system has been increasing steadily.

Ubuntu 12.04 (and Ubuntu 12.10 implicitly) is the Valve recommended platform for Steam, but other distributions can run it as well. This is the main reason why there’s only Ubuntu in the hardware survey published by Valve.

In any case, all the mentioned Linux platforms have been gaining ground and Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit is by far the most successful and it’s about to catch up with Windows 8.

If we judge by the fact that Steam for Linux is still in Beta and that it has a limited number of available games, we can only surmise that once Steam reaches a stable version, Ubuntu 12.10 it’s going to take Windows 8.

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