Wii Balance Board Supported by Linux Kernel 3.7

This controller works just like the Wii Remote, which already has support in the kernel

Linux Kernel 3.7 will provide support for Wii Balance Board, an accessory of the Nintendo's Wii Fit.

A few HID updates were merged into the 3.7 Linux kernel tree by Jiri Kosina, including a very interesting one from David Herrmann.

Apparently, there was a specific need for this feature, so now the Wiimote driver supports the Balance Board.

David Herrmann wrote that “the Nintendo Balance-Board is a controller which behaves exactly like the Wii Remote but reports all its data through a special extension device. Hence, we can simply add the Balance-Board as extension device and we get full support for it.”

Linux kernel 3.6 was released just a few days ago by Linux Torvalds, after seven RC versions. It's going to be interesting to watch how many development versions we’ll have this time around.

You can download the latest stable Linux kernel, 3.6, right now from Softpedia.

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