WhatsApp Client Developed for Ubuntu Phone – Photo

The application is called WhosThere and it's in Alpha

Ubuntu for Phones was just released a couple of weeks ago and already there’s a major app developed for it.

Matthias Gehre announced on Launchpad that he’s working on a WhatsApp client called "WhosThere". According to him, it’s built on C++/QML/Javascript and the backend is yowsup, and open-source WhatsApp library for N9.

The current version is in Alpha, but there few features work already: registering a mobile number with the Whatsapp service, Sending and Receiving Messages (no images, group chat or other fancy stuff), saving credentials and messages on local storage, and a demo mode that you can try without registering.

Installing it on Ubuntu Phone is an entirely different matter, but Matthias has provided a few indications on how to do it.

If you are interested about this project or you want to participate, you should check out the Launchpad entry.

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