Webconverger 17.0 Is Now Based on Debian Wheezy

The developer also added a brand new install with some cool features

Webconverger, an evolution of the hybrid client for deployment in places like offices or Internet cafes, where only web applications are used, is now at version 17.0.

The developers have chosen to release Webconverger 17.0 without having to go through a lot of 16.x versions.

A reason for this major jump in version is the introduction of a new installer, which allows users to partition the USB stick and use it as a read/write store. This actually means that a Webconverger installed USB stick can download updates to itself.

Another reason is the implementation of a new Linux kernel in the 3.7.x branch, a raft of video driver updates and new technologies such as systemd, not to mention switching from Debian Squeeze to Debian Wheezy.

For more details, you can read the official announcement.

Download Webconverger 17.0 right now from Softpedia.

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