Webconverger 15.0 Has Firefox 15.0.1

Developers have also added support for older hardware

Webconverger, an evolution of the hybrid client for deployment in places like offices or Internet cafes, where only web applications are used, is now at version 15.0.

Webconverger 15.0 arrived with a feature that very few distributions have, and that is seamless upgrade.

Highlights of Webconverger 15.0:

• Linux kernel 486 and Linux kernel 686-pae have been implemented;

• Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1 is the new internet browser;

• xinput= touch screen calibration API has been added;

• log= debug API has been added;

• Old PC hardware is now supported;

• chrome=debug, for browser debugging and testing, has been added;

• PDF support, which was accidentally broken in 14.1, has been repaired;

• Printing support with CUPS has been restored;

For more details you can read the official announcement.

Download Webconverger 15.0 right now from Softpedia.

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