Webconverger 14.0 Has Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1

It also comes with band new Nvidia 302.17 support.

Webconverger, an evolution of the hybrid client for deployment in places like offices or Internet cafes, where only web applications are used, is now at version 14.0.

Webconverger 14.0 arrived a few couple of months after the previous version and has some pretty important changes, such as:

• A new 686 kernel has been implemented;

• Nvidia 302.17 support, via bumblebee & VirtualGL for easing deployment, has been added;

• Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 was added;

• noclean API option for deployments has been added;

• swarp API for mouse positioning has been added;

• A better xrandr screen handling has been implemented;

• Time synchronization no longer alters the BIOS clock;

• Logging tweaks to increase signal over noise;

• Better lock down.

For more details you can read the official announcement.

Download Webconverger 14.0 right now from Softpedia.

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