WebHSP Will Provide Developers with Linux and Windows-Based Hosting

It's not the first Internet provider which makes this feature available to its customers

WebHSP, a web hosting provider for small- to medium-sized businesses has announced that it will begin to allow developers to utilize both Linux and Microsoft Windows-based hosting platforms simultaneously.

WebHSP is working to make the two environments integrate seamlessly and reduce the hosting costs. Developers can now utilize virtually any web programming framework from either platform at the same time, on the same website.

“Experienced web developers understand that keeping IT costs to a minimum is very important,” explains Doug Davis, spokesman for WebHSP.

“Our clients no longer have to purchase two separate accounts to use both Windows and Linux development tools. WebHSP is giving its customers the best of both worlds at a rock bottom price,” ended Davis.

The WebHSP will be able to build their businesses and websites to include both Microsoft and Linux functionality.

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