VoIP Software SFLPhone 1.3.0 Arrives with Video Multiparty Conferencing

The software has been part of the KDE SC infrastructure for some time

SFLPhone, a Voice over IP telephony software designed to work on desktops and embedded systems, has just reached version 1.3.0.

With SFLPhone, users can call through an SIP or IAX account, which are used by most enterprise internal phone networks and well-known servers such as Asterisk or FreeSwitch.

The software was integrated in the KDE infrastructure in 2012.

Highlights of SFLPhone 1.3.0:

• Presence subscription and publishing support (SIP only) has been added;

• Video multiparty conferencing [experimental] is now available;

• Multichannel audio support [experimental] has been implemented;

• Additional Flac and OGG/Vorbis ringtone support has been added;

• The NAT support has been improved;

• The audio quality, noise suppression, and automatic gain control have been improved;

• New volume controls for PulseAudio have been added;

• A new mute DTMF option has been added.

The developers are encouraging users to experiment with the software and provide much needed feedback information. Download SFLPhone 1.3.0 right now from Softpedia.

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