Valve's Co-Founder Gabe Newell Confirms Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Is Being Worked On

Unfortunately, there is no launch date for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of the last grievances of the Steam for Linux fans and gamers is the absence of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for which there was no news, at least not until Gabe Newell himself, the founder of Valve, finally provided a minimum of information about the project.

Ever since Steam for Linux became a reality back in the beginning of 2013, Linux users have been asking for the porting of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but their pleas haven't been answered.

Given the fact that Portal 2 has already been ported and that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is using that particular engine with just a few modifications, gamers believe that a Beta version might arrive pretty soon.

During an AMA session on Reddit (ask me anything), Gabe Newell was kind enough to at least confirm that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is being worked on: “It's being worked on but we don't have an ETA.”

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive didn't launch exactly to critical acclaim back in 2012 and a lot of dedicated CS players didn't like it, but in the course of the last year, after a lot of patches and balancing tweaks, it's becoming one of the most popular games on the Steam platform. It's only natural that Linux users look with envy towards the Windows and Mac OS X gamers.

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