Valve Will Not Force People to Adopt Linux for Half-Life 3

Half-Life 3 will probably be launched on all available platforms

Valve has squashed the rumor that the upcoming SteamOS and Steam Machines would be promoted with Half-Life 3 exclusivity.

Valve has been very coy as regards Half-Life 3, and the developers are neither denying nor confirming that they are even working on it.

With the announcement of the PC / console hybrid Steam Machine, powered by a Linux operating system called SteamOS, a rumor has been spreading online, namely that Half-Life 3 might be released as an exclusive for this particular platform.

“It's against our philosophy to put a game in jail and say it only works on Steam Machines. It works best on Steam Machines, perhaps ... but to get to exclusives or anything else just wouldn't be our style,” said Doug Lombardi, one of the founders of Valve, for The Verge.

This means that the game will probably be launched on all available Steam platforms – Window, Linux, and Mac OS.

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