Valve Updates the Original Half-Life Twice in One Month

A few fixes and updates have been integrated in this latest patch

The original Half-Life game, the one launched all the way back in 1998 and recently ported on the Linux platform, has just received a major update, for the Beta version.

Valve is trying to make sure that its games run flawlessly, even 14 years later. With this in mind, an update has been released for Half-Life Beta.

This is the second patch for this old game pushed by Valve in just one month. Here are some hightlights of this latest update:

• The game no longer hangs when loading maps with corrupt entity data;

• The game is not able to load map resource files, if the start with the UTF-8 BOM;

• An audio artifact in sound track Nuclear Mission Jam has been corrected.

A complete list of fixes can be found in official announcement. In order to receive the update, you're going to have to subscribe to the Beta channel for this game.

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