Valve Updates the Original Half-Life SDK to Support Linux Modding

This is great new for people who are waiting for Half-Life mods on Linux

The Valve developers have shown their commitment for Linux gaming community by releasing an updated for the Half-Life SDK.

Valve is trying to make sure that its games run flawlessly, even 14 years later. The developers are also making sure that users will get the same experience on every platform, even if the game has been launched ages ago.

“We have released an update to our Half-Life 1 SDK. This update adds support for mods to allow them to build Linux and Mac OS X versions. You can get the tools via the "Half-Life SDK" tool in Steam, and the code is available via our GitHub page,” reads the announcement from Valve.

You have to keep in mind that this update only means that users can build Linux version of the mods, but the SDK only runs on Windows, for now.

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