Valve Releases Another Steam Beta Client Update

Users will now download a new version of the Steam client the next time they open the app

Valve has released yet another beta build of its Steam client, this time only to fix a small number of problems.

The company usually pushes a few Beta updates before upgrading the stable branch of Steam, and now it's time for another Beta build to be released.

According to the developers, the "Allow Steam Community in-game" checkbox is no longer getting incorrectly cleared, the "unread chat messages" action in the inbox is no longer opening chat windows with duplicate messages, and the download of Steam client updates are now delayed until there are no games running.

Also, some rare problems where a panel would draw stale content after a styles transition completed in the Big Picture Mode has been fixed.

Check the official announcement for more details about this release. You can also download the Steam installer from Softpedia if you don't have the client.

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