Valve Released a Patch that Breaks Dota 2 for Linux

The last update for this game is causing some problems for a lot of players

The last update issued by Valve for Dota 2 is now causing crashes for a lot of Linux player. The developers are aware by the problem and they are trying to fix it.

Dota 2 Linux players have been flowing to the forums and Github to report that the latest update has broken their game. The game crashes right after the intro and the problem is affecting a large number of players.

“Before the update, I spectated a friend's game. After that, I got an invite, but the client informed me that it was out of date. So I closed the client and let it update. When I try to load up Dota 2, it will not load completely. It will crash to desktop without a pop-up letting me know what went wrong,” reads just one of the messages on Github.

There no official word from Valve, but its developers are following closely any problems reported and most likely there’s patch incoming.

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