Valve Is Still Upgrading the Original Half-Life for Linux After 15 Years

A new patch has been released for this very old game

After launching the original Half-Life on Steam for Linux, Valve has now started to push updates for this very old game.

Even if more than a decade has passed since the release of Half-Life, Valve still found some bugs that needed to be squashed.

Here are some highlights for the new Half-Life update:

• The music tracks have been fixed. They are now played correctly across level change and they no longer stop (or restart) at unexpected times;

• The health values have been clamped in order to fix a few display issues that happened when it dropped below 1 or above 255;

• The "Paused" message is now shown when the game is paused;

• Custom game menus have been fixed.

More details about Half-Life and can be found on the official Steam website.

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