Valve Hopes That AMD Will Fix the Catalyst Drivers for SteamOS

The company said that the latest AMD drivers were not working with SteamOS

Valve has released SteamOS with official support for Intel and NVIDIA hardware, but it seems that AMD still has to make some drivers improvements so that users with this type of hardware can enjoy this Linux-based gaming OS.

Valve has been very clear right from the start about the supported hardware, and that meant Intel and NVIDIA. Users could install an older version of the AMD proprietary drivers, but the most recent ones are not working properly.

“There are outstanding interaction problems between recent Catalyst drivers and SteamOS; AMD is aware of the issues and investigating. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to get this resolved soon,” reads Valve’s announcement.

AMD launched a new Catalyst driver a short while ago, 13.12, but it lacks Linux kernel 3.12 support and it seems that it’s unusable on SteamOS.

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