Valve Hired Battle for Wesnoth Developer

Hiring Linux developers can only bring joy to the Linux community

Valve is getting serious about a Linux version for their game distribution platform, especially after they've hired a well-known Linux developer.

Valve is rumored to work on Steam for Linux, and it seems that their intentions are getting more serious by day.

According to Michael Larabel from, who broke the story about the Valve and Linux love affair, the company has just hired David White, the creator of the acclaimed Battle for Wesnoth game.

Valve is in the process of hiring Linux developers and it's our hope that the Steam platform, and maybe a few games, will be available by the end of this year.

What's more important is the fact that other companies and game publishers are seeing this move from Valve as a signal to start their own development for their game distribution platform, which means the Linux community can only win from a serious competition.

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