Valve Confirms That SteamOS Is Not Based on Ubuntu, It's Custom-Made

Finally, some information has surfaced about the upcoming SteamOS from Valve

Valve has confirmed that its operating system, SteamOS, will not be based on Ubuntu, as previously believed.

Ever since Valve announced that it was making its own Linux operating system, most users assumed that it was going to be Ubuntu-based, given the partnership between the products. It seems now that that is not the case.

While visiting Valve, the guys from Engadget found out from the horse’s mouth that SteamOS was a custom-built Linux OS and it had nothing to do with Ubuntu. So much for that rumor.

The new operating system is scheduled for launch in 2014, although Valve has yet to provide a timeline or any other details.

It's also unsure what's going to happen with the Valve and Canonical partnership when SteamOS is released. We'll keep you apprised with any new information as it becomes available.

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