VCMI Project 0.9, a Heroes 3 Rewrite for Linux, Available for Download

The developers are getting close to their original goal

The VCMI project, a rewrite of the entire Heroes 3 engine that uses Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods files and graphics, is now at version 0.9.

Highlights of VCMI 0.9:

• A new filesystem handler has been implemented and it's not possible to deploy VCMI onto various types of installations;

• A mechanism allowing the addition of new creatures into the game has been implemented;

• A new and better battle AI has been added to the project. The new battle AI is called “BattleAI,” while the old one is “StupidAI.” Both AIs are shipped in this release;

• A new quest window has been added;

• Previously implemented parts of Campaign support that got broken have been fixed;

• Enemy unit movement shadows have been implemented;

• Borders around creature portraits in stack queue are now visible.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement.

Download VCMI 0.9 right now from Softpedia. As of yet VCMI is not standalone program, it uses Wake of Gods files and graphics. You need to install WoG before running VCMI.

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