Util-linux 2.22.2 Fixes Autodetection

A few fixes and improvements have been made available through this version

Util-linux, a suite of essential utilities for any Linux system that contains many basic tools used for setting up partitions and basic system infrastructure, is now at version 2.22.2.

Highlights of Util-linux 2.22.2:

• The autodetection for TERM has been fixed;

• anonicalize_path_restricted() has been added to canonicalize without suid permissions;

• A compiler warning [-Wstrict-aliasing] has been fixed;

• Support of comma-separated fs type lists has been fixed;

• A issue found on CPU hot-remove has been removed;

• -c abbreviation has been added for --no-canonicalize to the 'man' page;

• Long options for -L and -U have been added to 'man' page;

• lscpu /sys dumps have been removed without a 'possible' CPU mask.

A complete list of changes, updates, and new features can be found in the official changelog.

Download Util-linux 2.22.2 right now from Softpedia.

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