Upstart 1.13 Is Now Available for Download

The new stable release of Upstart is now available for download on Softpedia

James Hunt has announced yesterday, July 11, the immediate availability for download of version 1.13 of the powerful Upstart init system for Ubuntu-based operating systems, which introduces assorted bugfixes and improvements.

According to the changelog, Upstart 1.13 introduces support for cgroups via a brand-new “cgroup” stanza, which makes use of cgmanager function and is available for both Session and System inits. However, you can disable support for cgroups when compiling the application.

Moreover, chroot sessions are now disabled by default and a brand-new “--chroot-sessions” command-line option has been added for restoring the old default behaviour of the functionality.

The “--confdir” option can now be used to look for system jobs in multiple locations, the “--prepend-confdir” and “--append-confdir” command-line options have been added for greater flexibility, and the “unset-env” and “set-env” initctl commands are now allowed to function on multiple environment variables.

Among the bugs squashed in Upstart 1.13, we can mention better handling of the upgrade process from a non-stateful-re-exec instance to a stateful-re-exec-capable one, as well as a Session Init umask change on re-exec.

Last but not least, Upstart 1.13 contains improved documentation and new tests, so don’t hesitate to visit the official release notes for more details. In the mean time, you can download Upstart 1.13 right now from Softpedia.

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