Upcoming Features of KDE 4.11 Revealed

The next installment of KDE holds some interesting features

The KDE developers are planning to release the next branch of KDE, 4.11, very soon and a lot of features have been planned.

Soon after releasing the 4.10.2 version of KDE, the development for 4.11 has picked up some steam, and it’s gathering features and changes.

Highlights of the upcoming KDE 4.11:

• The Nepomuk controller will receive a QML version;

• Windows that are moved to another desktop will be treated as sticky windows;

• The legacy window decorations will be removed;

• The ability to sort entries in the sub-menus has been added;

• Up/down buttons have been added;

• The situation with multiple batteries has been improved;

• Support has been added for the Ogg Opus audio editing/playback.

More details about the upcoming features of KDE 4.11 can be found in the official Feature Plan.

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