Upcoming Features of Fedora 17

Fedora 17 Beefy Miracle is set to be released in summer 2012

Now that we know the codename and release schedule for the upcoming Fedora 17 operating system, it's time to learn something about the features that will be incorporated in this anticipated release.

On the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) meeting that took place last evening, December 12th, the developers approved several new features for the Fedora 17 release:

· Simplified filesystem by moving everything to /usr (see here more details);

· Btrfs as the default filesystem;

· Software rendering for GNOME Shell;

· Boost 1.48;

· Thin provisioning;

· Support for D2 programming language;

· Support for Automatic Seat and ConsoleKit removal;

· DRI2 3D drivers;

· KDE Plasma dependency generation;

· PackageKit integration;

· New password quality checking mechanism;

· New virtio-scsi storage architecture for KVM, based on SCSI;

· systemd integration;

· ns-3 discrete-event network simulator.

See here the official release schedule for Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle).

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