Unity 4 Game Engine Will Support Ubuntu

It allows easy deployment of new and existing games to Ubuntu

Canonical, through John Pugh, proudly informed us on June 20th that the upcoming major release of the Unity game engine will support publishing to the Ubuntu platform.

Following the Humble Indie Bundle game package, which proved to be a huge success on the Ubuntu platform thanks to the collaboration with Canonical, the Unity 4 game engine promises to support Ubuntu for game deployment.

The upcoming Unity 4 game engine will feature a boost in game fidelity and the Mecanim animation technology.

"If you would like to get involved developing or porting games to Ubuntu with Unity during the beta you can pre-order Unity 4 Pro."

"In the meantime there are lots of resources available on The Ubuntu Developer site. This month we are running the Ubuntu App Showdown contest with fantastic prizes for the best apps developed,"  the blog announcement read.

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