Unity 4.0 Games Will Be Published in Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center will have a lot more games in the future

Unity Technologies are getting ready to release Unity 4.0, and it seems that Canonical is getting the jump of things and are providing full support for publishing directly into Ubuntu.

The developers behind Unity 4.0 had a conference in Amsterdam, called Unity’s Unite, in which they've highlighted all the features this new game engine / development platform will bring to potential customers.

Canonical was represented there by John Pugh and David Pitkin, which caused quite a ruckus when they showed how the publish-to-Linux feature from Unity 4.0 and Ubuntu can work together in order to make games available to millions of Ubuntu users.

During and after the sessions we were bombarded with questions about how to get started with Ubuntu and submission requirements for the Ubuntu Software Center."

"We can’t wait for so many awesome games to arrive on Ubuntu in the coming months, said John Pugh in a blog announcement.

The shipping date of Unity 4.0 has yet to be announced, but it should be ready before the winter holidays.

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