Ultimate Boot CD 5.2.8 Now Comes with Memtest86 4.3.6

A new version of the popular recovery CD is now available for download

Ultimate Boot CD 5.2.8, a recovery LiveCD that incorporates a lot of very powerful tools, is now available for download.

The Ultimate Boot CD can be used in a lot of ways – to test the RAM memory, the CPU, to partition the hard drive, or for simple PC maintenance.

Highlights of Ultimate Boot CD 5.2.8:

• "/boot/syslinux/chain.c32" and "hdt.c32" have been updated from syslinux V4.07;

• 7za.exe (9.20.1) has been reverted back to p7zip.exe (4.65) to support ZIP and 7Z archive formats in DOSAPPS. UBCD FreeDOS version updated to V1.51;

• Memtest86 has been added to V4.3.6;

• ASTRA has been updated to V6.12;

• Darik's Boot and Nuke have been updated to version 2.2.8;

• CPUStress has been updated to V2.3.7 (13 Dec 2013).

More details about this release can be found in the official announcement. Download Ultimate Boot CD 5.2.8 right now from Softpedia.

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