Ubuntu for Tablets Demoed on Nexus 10

A lot of features will be missing from the Touch Developer Preview

By on February 21st, 2013 09:55 GMT

Ubuntu's Touch Developer Preview for tablets is set to be launched today, but among all the hype and ruckus people haven't noticed that it's going to lack a lot of features.

In all fairness, Canonical did explain that this was a version for developers and enthusiasts, but it wasn't clear what features would be integrated.

According to an Engadget interview with a couple of Canonical representatives, the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview will only come with a few apps, such as camera, gallery, phone, and a couple others. Users will be unable to import their own contacts or to play music.

Being a development release, it was to be expected that certain functionalities would be missing. Nonetheless, the operating system is performing very well and from the looks of it, Ubuntu will make a serious contender.