Ubuntu for Android Might Never Launch If Ubuntu Edge Fails

No definitive contingency plans have been made for Ubuntu for Android

The Canonical developers in charge of Ubuntu for Android have revealed a lot of interesting information about their project, and some it is rather worrisome.

Ubuntu for Android is actually an old project of Canonical presented long before the Ubuntu Edge campaign and even before the Ubuntu Touch back in January.

Users only had glimpses of Ubuntu for Android working, and mostly only after the start of the Ubuntu Edge campaign. Its developers have shared a very important piece of information during an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit.

One of the users asked if Ubuntu for Android would ever get released in case the Ubuntu Edge campaign fails. The answer of Engineering Manager Alex Chiang was pretty straightforward: “I honestly don't know. We're still trying to figure it out internally.”

This means that there are no contingency plans for Ubuntu for Android and we might never get a chance to use it.

Ubuntu for Android is a software that allows you to use your Android phone as if it were a PC by plugging it to a monitor. Users will get the complete Ubuntu desktop on the monitor.

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