Ubuntu.com Receives a Long-Awaited Overhaul

Canonical has decided to update the website, before the 13.04 launch

Anticipating the release of an Ubuntu 13.04, Canonical has redesigned its website to better reflect the products they are offering.

Ubuntu 13.04 represents a big change for Canonical, and they have taken further steps to also improve the website, not just the operating system.

“The improvements we have made in terms of content and structure of the site are mostly a reflection of what users have told us during testing, such as clarifying the description of what Ubuntu is when you are browsing the Desktop section,” reads the official announcement.

Canonical has added a contextual footer at the bottom of the pages, providing the users will faster links to all the categories of the website.

The direction of the design was inspired by the clean look of the tablet and phone OS. All of Canonical's effort was put into offering a more readable and enjoyable experience.

They also assured us that more updates would be performed in the future. Go ahead and check the new and improved Ubuntu.com.

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