Ubuntu Voice Recognition App Is Arriving Soon

Strangely enough, Canonical is not behind this software

The latest versions of the Ubuntu operating system have been improving constantly, but Canonical hasn't provided a comprehensive solution for voice recognition yet. This is about to change, but not because of Canonical.

A developer called James McClain has posted a video in which he shows the workings of his Ubuntu voice recognition app.

This app does everything you could possibly want. It can be used to copy and paste files and directories, follow GOTO commands to the browser, play music and video files, and take dictation.

According to the developer, this Ubuntu voice recognition app will also support other scripts so users will be able modify it.

It's not clear why Canonical hasn't provided a good application for this feature, but one thing is sure, they are certainly thinking about it. The promotional video that shows Ubuntu for tablets also features voice control.

More details about this app will be made available once they become available.

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