Ubuntu Used in TRON: Legacy for Hacking Purposes

Ubuntu fans have spotted a nice terminal in the film TRON: Legacy

Ubuntu users have a habit of spotting their favorite operating system in movies and across the Internet, and now they managed to point out the fact that it has been used in the TRON: Legacy.

“TRON: Legacy” is the sequel to the original Tron movie launched back in 1982, but this is not actually a new title. It's been out since 2010 and it took fans quite a while to discover that one of the terminals showing in one scene of the movie is actually running on a “virtual” Ubuntu OS.

This is easily recognizable because it actually says Ubuntu in the command path and the official Ubuntu font is used. The image has been uploaded by a Reddit user.

The designer of the technology used in the film has a very complete explanation and he demonstrates just how much work is being done for just a few frames.

If you liked TRON: Legacy or if you spotted Ubuntu in other interesting circumstances, don't be coy and leave a comment.

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