Ubuntu Touch to Get Google Contacts and Calendar Synchronization Soon

The Ubuntu Engineering team had some pretty interesting things to say

One of the most asked for features for Ubuntu Touch, the ability to quickly and easily sync Google Contacts and the Calendar with the phone, will be arriving soon.

One of the major stoppers for the new users of the Ubuntu Touch operating system is the fact that users can't import Google Contacts, at least not in an easy way.

The Ubuntu Engineering team, through the voice of Bill Filler, has assured users that they are working on a way of quickly integrating this function.

Basically, users will set their Google account though the Ubuntu Online Accounts and a simple button to sync the Contacts and the Calendar will be provided.

It's not certain when Canonical will be ready to implement this feature, but if they can also manage to get a WhatsApp messenger client working, Ubuntu Touch will become a lot more attractive.

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